BOMBAY ARMY. Group portrait of the Surgeon General’s Staff at Poona 1920


Presented by the Surgeon General’s Office to Colonel J. B. Smith, C.B., K.H.P., I.M.S., Acting Surgeon General with the Govt. of Bombay. A good group photograph of the staff centred around Colonel John Blackburn Smith, 10½ x 7¼ ins, mounted on photographer’s card of F. B. Stewart, Poona, and dated 10th April 1920.   The card is a little chipped at the edges but then photograph and lettering are unaffected.  nov28/2

Provenance: Acquired with a broken album of earlier photographs relating to this surgeon’s service in Kelat, Baluchistan and in Poona. These can be found on the website by entering his name in the search box.

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