Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, a cdv portrait in uniform wearing the Waterloo Medal


Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond [1791 – 1860] was Colonel of the 35th Foot [the Sussex Regiment] and a Knight of the Garter. He served in the later years of the Napoleonic Wars and was at Waterloo. This carte de visite by Maull & Polyblank came from a collection of their portraits of important people all of which are identified on the back in pencil in a contemporary hand. He wears the Waterloo Medal in the right of the image and the sash of the Garter. This image was taken shortly before his death.    sep29/1      SOLD 13th Junw 2021

The London photographer Maull & Polyblank had studios on Gracechurch Street and on Piccadilly. The firm began trading in around 1856 and continued under this name until 1865 after which it became known as Maull & Co.