Coats of Arms of 62 English Barons and 3 Baronesses, circa 1760s


COATS OF ARMS, 2. A small book. 4¾ x 3¾ with engraved coats of arms with supporters, crests, and mottos, showing 62 Barons in order of precedence from Abergavenny to Talbot of Hensal and 3 Baronesses, Clifford, Berners, Wentworth on thirteen folding plates mainly of 5 sections. The upper board is lacking but the rear board and spine of old leather are present. These appear to be part of a complete peerage which was produced on large sheets by Samuel Harding in the 1760s. They have been cut and mounted in book form for handier storage and reference, rather in the manner of some of the very long 19th century panoramic prints of coronations and funerals. The Barons shown have the titles from Abergavenny, Audley of Heleigh, Percy, De la War, Clinton, Dudley, Stourton of Stourton , Willoughby of Broke to Raymond of Abbots Langley, Hardwicke of Hardwicke, and Talbot of Hensal,  nov21/2

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