Delhi Durbar, the Military Review of 11th December, 1911


Delhi Durbar 1911. A very good full plate view of massed troops passing the saluting base by G. W. Lawrie & Co, Lucknow, Naini Tal, Mussoorie numbered in the negative 56. The photograph is window mounted and card backed with the viewed area 11½ x 8¼ ins. it is in excellent clean condition. The Military Review took place at 10am on Thursday 11th December, two days after the Durbar itself.  The troops marching past with thier mounted officers are identified as: 33rd Yorkshire W. Riding Regt. [the Duke of Wellington’s], 2nd Battn. 1 Gurkha Rifles, 1st Battn. 1st Gurkha Rifles, 4th Gurkha RiflesThe well composed image offers an impression of the vast scale of this event and also good detail of the offcers and lancers over whose heads the cameran]man has captured the scene. The details of the mounted officers’ dress offers an interesting identification challenge to the uniform expert.  dec28/1     SOLD 10th May 2024