General Sir William Fenwick Williams of Kars, 1st Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Indian cdv of the 1860s/70s


A rather faded carte de visite by Dady Limjee, Bombay showing a half length portrait of General Sir William Fenwick Williams of Kars, 1st Baronet [1800-1885]. A native of Nova Scotia in Canada he was later to beome its first Lieutenant Governor in the 1860s but is best remembered for his heroic and inspiring defence of Kars during the Crimean War. With a force of woefully equipped Turkish troops he and his British officers managed to hold a large Russian force at bay, inflicting some 6,000 casualties on the Russian Army before he was forced by starvation into surrender on his own terms, he and his officers keeping their swords but only released at the end of the war.    jan24/1

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