George III period monogrammed steel seal


A handsome and very usable cut steel seal engraved with a monogram S T . A little light cleaning to remove some rust marks would benefit this 18th century object which remains very usable today. I have decided to sell off some of the seals I have collected over the years and I have have a very similar one with my own initials which I use regularly. The impeccable engraving of this period remains a joy and is seldom reproduced so well in anything modern. The perfect present for the man or woman with the right initials. I’ve sometimes given one on ribbon as a christening present as I believe in playthings being useful in later life. Looking for one with the right initials is a needle in a haystack job but there must be lots of Sarahs, Sophies, Samuels, and Stevens out there and they just need the right family name.  jul22/2

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