Household Cavalry Band of the King Edward VII period.


An excellent full plate group photograph [14 x 10 ins, 35.5 x 25.5 visible] currently framed in brass and behind heavy bevelled glass. The image shows the bandsmen, dismounted, with their instruments and drums including the two magnificent kettle drums which are carried on the drum horse. They wear the unique ancient style of uniform which is still seen today although the EVIIR royal cypher is currently EIIR and will doubtless soon be CIIIR. The photograph currently forms the front cover of a dismantled photograph album. The back cover, velvet covered and brass framed, remains along with the damaged velvet spine and brass clasp with concealed lock [no key]. The endpapers to the covers retain their blue watered silk coverings. The purchaser can have just the front cover with the photograph or the whole remains of the album although that will increase shipping charges, especially if sent abroad.  jan15/3

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