Indian Mutiny interest. Bombay Gazette supplement, January 1858


Supplement to the Bombay Gazette, Saturday, January 2nd, 1858. Printed at the Bombay Gazette Press. Large folio [16½ x 11½ ins]

This is a photocopy which we made about 15 years ago of an extremely scarce newspaper supplement titled THE VICTIMS OF THE MUTINIES. List of Officers of Her Majesty’s and the Honourable Company’s Service, Civil Service, and others who have been killed, also those who have died since the 10th May 1857, serving on the Bengal Establishment,as far as known in Agra up to December 15, 1857. The three large sheets have some damp staining to the margins. There is sufficient overlap of the printing of the three pages to allow them to be pasted together if required and there are three horizontal folds. The original was a single long sheet. A fascinating mass of detail hard to find elsewhere in this form. The lists are usually spread about over different issues of the London Gazette as they were recorded in individual reports from commanders in the field. The longest civilian list is headed List of the people butchered at Cawnpore on the night of the 16th July taken from the Calcutta papers of the 29th of August. Contemporary Indian printed newspapers for these Indian Mutiny years are undestandably rare finds these days.      Feb18/2

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