Madras. Government House, a scene from the early 20th century


Government House, Madras, a large 11¼ x 8¼ ins unmounted photograph of the principal elevation of the Banqueting Hall at Government House with a party moving down the staircase, possibly the beginning of a garden party. The steps are lined with members of the Governor’s Bodyguard and a detachment of what look like British infantry in tropical white uniform faces the building. To the left, beyond ropes and other soldiers, are long lines of carriages by which guests will have arrived. The photograph probably dates from the Edwardian era or just a little afterwards. There is a small tear without loss lower left on the lawn. Although clearly a professional photograph there is no photographer’s credit. It came to us with a few other photographs and a book about the 1911 Durbar.  may14/1

See item may14/2 for further notes on the building.

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