Madras. Government House, the Banqueting Hall, a scene from the early 20th century


Government House, Madras, a large 11¼ x 8¼ ins unmounted photograph of the principal elevation of the Banqueting Hall at Government House with a party moving down the staircase, possibly the beginning of a garden party. The steps are lined with members of the Governor’s Bodyguard. At the foot of the stairs the figure in morning dresstalking to a group of Indian gentlemen is possibly the Governor. To the right are numerous british officers and high political officers with thie ladies. The photograph probably dates from the Edwardian era or just a little afterwards.  Although clearly a professional photograph there is no photogrpapher’s credit. It came to us with a few other photographs and a book about the 1911 Durbar. There is a contemporary note in pencil about the building on the verso and we have also added a photograph and some txext from the book to which the writer refers, Davies: Spledours of the Ray, John Murray 1983.   may14/2

See item may14/1 for a more distant view of the scene.

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