Nelson & Trafalgar: a bronze gilt commemoration medal of 1905


The 32mm medal has a portrait bust of Nelson on the obverse surrounded by the words HORATIO VISCOUNT NELSON. K.B. DUKE OF BRONTE. & . The reverse shows the battle with wording above it reading CENTENARY OF THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR 1805 with TRAFALGAR OCT. 21.1805  in the exergue. Around the edge is the famous flag signal of that day ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY. The faces of the medal are very good but with some loss of gilt to the high points of the design and there are several knocks and marks to the rim. The edge of the medal is rather uusually stamped in small capitals BRONZE . No doubt this would safeguard buyers from unscrupulus dealers who might might have tried to pass the medal off as gold.

The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich holds an identical medal but in white medal



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