Peshawar. Draft transport arrangements, a rare manuscript survival


The sort of immediate manuscript orders which very seldom survive from the time of those small wars on the North West Frontier. The single folio sheet, 13 x 8 ins, is written by hand in ink on both sides. There is no precise date although the stamp on one side does help to date it at least to Victorian days, DRAFT. Chief Comst. Office PESHAWAR DISTRICT Peshawar _____ 18                                 jul22/3

The first side seems to be a plan for the movement of a precise force and indicates the weights of equipment [in Indian maunds, equal to about 37 kg] giving the numbers of animals, drivers, jemadars, duffadars, etc requirement for each part of an Infantry Brigade with mountain artillery. The reverse has helpful general instructions for the behaviour of the Commissariat officers’ duties, including labelling, animals speed, order of march, care of ammunition, etc. There is some damage at the corners and on some of the folds but the document is readable and not unduly fragile.

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