Quetta, photographs of a meeting with the Khan of Kelat 1925


Lunch at Mastung on 23rd October 1925.  a 10 x 8 ins commercial album of 8 leaves of black card with photographs to both sides by Ganesh Das Mullick, Frontier Studio, Quetta. There are two 8 x 6¼ ins group photographs, one just of the British ladies. The other images are 5 x 3 ins and mainly show meetings of individuals, inspection of troops, some buildings. Mastung is a town some 40km south of Quetta in Baluchistan [now Balochistan and in Pakistan]. The Khan of Kelat is meeting with high British officials, the chief probably being F. W. Johnston, C.S.I., C.I.E., Chief Commissioner of British Baluchistan but the occasion is not clear. The facts that none of the men is in uniform and there a considerable number of ladies present suggest it may be a more social, educational, or civil occasion than usual. It is likely that only a small number of these little albums were produced for distribution to the more important people taking part. We had a few other similar items from karachi and they all once belonged to a British ADC.   feb25/2

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