Sir John Bowring, KCB, FRS [1792-1872] , the fourth Governor of Hong Kong


A very good portrait of Sir John Bowring, KCB, FRS [1792 -1872] in old age by MAULL & POLYBLANK, 55 GRACECHURCH STREET and 187a PICCADILLY, LONDON. Sir John was a polyglot linguist and diplomat, sometime British agent at Canton and the 4th Governor of HONG KONG [see DNB or Wikipedia for his stellar career].  He was a Devonian and began his mercantile career in Exeter on leaving school. He was to travel the world, spoke numerous languages from Arabic to Portuguese and published widely. He resigned his seat in Parliament in 1847 on acquiring, through the influence of Palmerston, the post of Consul at Canton. In 1854 he was appointed plenipotentiary to China, and Governor, Commander-in-chief, and Vice-Admiral of Hong Kong and superintendent of the China trade, at the time in the hands of the H,E,I,C,.   He considered the most interesting part of his life that spent in Siam where he was to conclude a treaty which had eluded the Governor General of India, the British and American governments. aug/1

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