The Crown and the Princes of India. A priced catalogue from 2013


Bates, Jeffery: The Crown and the Princes of India. Catalogue 116. Bates & Hindmarch [Cheltenham] 2013  1st edition 8vo.

A priced selling catalogue issued August 23rd 2013. 5 pages of small illustrations, 24pp text, illustrated card covers, stapled. The catalogue gives detailed descriptions of the documents, photographs, photograph albums, etc. Many of the documents are unique items sent from various Viceroys, often on paper bearing the embossed royal arms in gold. There is at least one document from each of the first twelve Viceroys from Canning to Minto – mainly addressed to the rulers of Bhopal. Other documents include personal letters concerning ceremonies connected with the Order of the Star of India, letters or manuscript presentations signed by Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, HRH Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh. There are also photograph albums connected with the Durbars and one of Lord Curzon’s tours (in the Punjab). A very useful reference is provided in the photographic illustration of the signatures of the twelve Viceroys and of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII as they appear on some of these documents.There are 58 items in the catalogue mainly in the price range of £100- £1000 including several photographs of ruling princes. The vas t majority of these items have been sold to libraries or collectors, so this is no longer a catalogue from which you can buy these items but it provides a very detailed reference of the sort of material available from time to time. Postage for this catlaogue will be £1 in the UK, £3 to Europe, £4 to the rest of the world by airmail.   mar12/2

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