Unusual Loyal Royalist button


A domed button of 18mm diameter with the wording THIS WE WILL SUPPORT around a Georgian crown. It is silver plated and in generally good condition apart from a scratch to the field right of the crown. The shank remains but is bent and the button has the backmark I NUTTING, LONDONThe company of Joseph Nutting was making buttons in Covent Garden from at least 1790 and this example has the look [compared with military buttons] of the late 18th century.

One can only speculate on when or by whom this button was worn but it is of the type worn on cavalry uniforms of the period. At a time of considerable international turmoil, with revolution in France and in Britain the Gordon Riots in London, political and personal disagreement between the King and his heir, the recent loss of America, loyalty to the crown was a very pertinent issue. We have never come across anything quite like this in the past.

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