25th (The King’s Own Borderers}. 20mm officer’s gilt coatee button


The officer’s coatee button is quite domed and is of 20mm size, almost certainly the largest worn on the coatee. The design has the numerals 25 beneath a Georgian or early Victorian crown with the regimental title raised around the top half KING’S OWN BORDERERS. The regiment bore this title from 1805, having originally been The Edinburgh Regiment and between 1782 and 1805 The Sussex Regiment. Parkyn [page 147] describes this design as  being noted around 1820 when it was open backed. This example has a closed back with backmark C. JENNENS LONDON and is probably closer to 1840 when the word THE was added before KING’S . A particularly fine example with almost complete original gilt finish.  sep11/4

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