Indian Muitny interest. Important parliamentry reports on disarming regiments in Gujarat, Western India.


EAST INDIA (DISARMING THE NATIVES) Copies of Correspondence … Regarding the Disarming of the Natives in Guzerat,….21 June 1860. House of Commons [London] 1860, 1st edition folio.

Folding sketch map, iv.115pp. British Parliamentary Paper [402]. Put together by J. W. Kaye, Secretary in the Political Separtment. Disbound as a single text block, a clean copy. . This paper contains a great number of reports from and to the Resident of Baroda, Magistrates (Surat, Ahmedabad, &c), Political Agents (Kattywar, Rajpootana, Jodhpur, Meywar, &c.), Secretary to Bombay Govt, military commanders, &c. Among the details of reports will be found thoughtful reflexion on the Mutiny, as this from Major R Wallace (Political Agent in the Rewa Kanta): Although there are a store of theories of the causes of the Bengal Mutiny, we already hear those who say, ‘The natives will never try it again, so inveterate is our sense of security, so invincible our too contemptuous estimate of native capacity; whereas the truscauses of revolution often lie hidden in those depths of human nature, which few individuals or politicians take the trouble to explore, but which may nevertheless contain within themselves elements of disorganization which no human foresight could have been able to control. The very mystery of these disturbances verifies the words of the statesman I have quoted, and they show on a gigantic scale what might have been apparent from many previous petty, hopeless insurrections, that, with an excitable Oriental population, there can be no security for any, but especially for a foreign ruler, save in his own unwearying watchfulness and variety of resource. This is one of the more important separate parliamentary papers on the Indian Mutiny.

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