33rd (Duke of Wellington’s) Regt. of Foot. Portrait of a Major, circa 1880


A damaged portrait of Major John Henry Campbell, 33rd (Duke of Wellington’s) Regiment of Foot. The framed portrait, 12¾ x 8½ ins overall, has a bust length portrait of the officer in full dress, wearing the distinctive medal for the Abyssinian Campaign of 1866. A typed note on the mount dates the picture to 1878 and on the verso one suggests the painting is on glass. There is a vertical crack through the figure. If the picture were removed from the frame this could possibly be improved  by careful fixing of the two halves. we have not tried to remove it as it has been in place for decades at least.  aug17/1

Major John Henry Campbell, 33rd Foot: Hart’s Army List 1874 shows Campbell as the third most senior captain with 21 years service [Ensign 1853. Lieut, 1858, Capt. 1864]. The record of service states he served throughout the Abyssinian campaign in 1867and was present with the 33d Regiment at the storming and capture of Magdala (Medal)

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