41st Dogras. WW1 officers, British and Indian with identification


41st DOGRAS. A very interesting group photograph of the officers, 8 x 5½ ins, somewhat chipped around the edges and a little delicate but the main part of the image very clear and well toned. The uniform tent and surroundings suggest that this image was taken when the regiment was serving in Mesopotamia or possibly Egypt during WW1. The unusual feature is that the sitters are identified on the back. Although British officers are quite often named it is unusual to be able to put names to the Indian officers. The commander seated is identified as Lt. Col. R.P.W. Quin who was a double company commander and on right is Subadar Major Mehr Singh, I.D.S.M., and to the left is Subadar Suba Singh. Documentary images like this are not often found. mar12/1

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