83rd Wallajahbad Light Infantry. An Edwardian officer’s dress tunic of 1907 with provenance


 An infantry officer’s dress tunic of the 83rd Wallajahbad Light  Infantry. The scarlet cloth with emerald green facings is in good, clean condition with just a little moth damage to the back, the worst area shown in am illustration. The silk parts of the lining are in very poor and damaged condition but, fortunately the Irish tailors original label is retained. This, by T. G. PHIILPS, 4 DAME ST., DUBLIN, tells us that the uniform was made for G. N. Procter, Esq. July. 1907 .  The tunic retains all its original fine gilt buttons by HOBSON & SONS, LEXINGTON ST. LONDON W. and the epaulettes have the two Bath stars of a Lieutenant, The Wallajahbad Light Infantry was a Madras regiment raised in 1794 with its HQ atSt. Thomas Mount. oct6/3

Lieutenant George Norman Procter was apponited 2nd Lieut. 29 August  1906 and promoted to Lieutenant in December 1908.

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