KALLIKOTE. A photographic greetings card from the Raja of Kallikote & Attagada, late 19th century


The vey thick card with chamfered edges measures 6 x 4¼ ins and the well toned photograph of the Raja’s palace 4 x 2¾ ins. There is minor damage to the lower right hand corner rmoving part of the word Atagada and there is some lack of surface to the verso but not affecting the photographer’s credit  The Rajah’s Studio, Kallikote Rajbati. The minor princely state of Kallikote is now known as Khallikote and is in the modern state of Odisha, down the coast from Kolkata / Calcutta. The front of the card has the greeting With the Compliments of ther Season From the Raja of Kallikote and Ataga…. An unusual ephemeral survival.    jan8/6

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