An importrant work on the state of the Kingdom of Oudh around the time of the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny


[Lucas, Samuel. 1816 -1868] Dacoitee in Excelsis; the Spoliation of Oude, by the East India Company, faithfully recounted.  With notes and documentary illustrations. Printed and published by J. R. Taylor, 54 Chancery Lane [London]. [1857/8] 1st edition 8vo.

vi, pp 7-214. Original decorative printed black on green boards, the binding very rubbed and dirty but perfectly sound, contents not very clean with some pages with fingermarks and other stains but the paper is sound. A book seldom found in this original state and an important survey of the injustices felt by the Nawabs of Oude in their capital of Lucknow. The latest date of any of the quotations used in the book is 1857 but it appears to have been written before the outbreak of the Mutiny in which the newly annexed state of Oude and its capital were to play such a significant part. One illustration attempts to show the pages in the worst condition. jun1/1

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