Army List for 1808, a copy with interleaved blanks and some interesting contemporary annotation


A List of the Officers of the Army and Marines on full and half-pay with an Index; a Succession of Colonels. 1808. Large Paper Copy. War Office, London, 1st January 1808. 1st Edition thick octavo [9½ x 6 x 3½ ins.

623pp. [192pp Index. 28pp Succession of Colonels, 11pp Alterations] Contemporary full calf, neatly re-cased with matching new spine with gilt title ARMY LIST 1808. Age wear along the edges of the boards but a completely sound copy. Not included in the page numbering are interleaved blanks in the main part of the book. There is extensive annotation of the two pages listing the 82nd Foot (Prince of Wales’s Volunteers) and the facing blanks. These, in a very neat hand, show deaths, promotions, transfers to and from other regiments such as Shropshire Miitia, Canadians, 45th, 36th. Often the notes show which officer replaced another. There are occasional other notes showing changes to lists. An interesting one shows the Colonel of the 89th, Lt. Gen. John Whitelock being Cashiered and replaced by Gen. Albermarle Bertie from the 77th, himself replaced by Lt. Gen Richard, Earl of Cavan from the 2nd West India Regt. This annotation may show this was a volume held by Headquarters of the 82nd or perhaps the changes were made by a single officer of that regiment. This volume lists 101 line regiments but the annotation shows the New South Wales Corps becoming the 102nd & the 9th Garrison Regt becoming the 103rd. This volume shows the composition of the King’s Army during the Peninsular War, 1808 being the year of the Battles of Roleia, Vimiera, and Sahagun.     sep6/1

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