Baluchistan. A group of officers from the 2nd Bombay N.I. Grenadiers, circa 1890


An interesting sepia toned photograph of a group of officers in Baluchistan. The print is in less than perfect condition, with ragged edges, but is clear and does show interesting variations of uniform and dress of officers in relaxed mode. Those in uniform wear side caps, a torin cap. and some, presumably local. fur caps.  There are helpful notes on the verso identifying the officers, most of whom are serving with the 2nd Bombay Native Infantry, Prince of Wales’s Own Grendiers. These are identified by 2 Grs following their name. Two of those in civilian clothes are doctors. The Grenadiers are identified as Lt. F. Lock, Capt. E. R. Hartigan, Major Frederick Babington Peile, Lt. Lloyd. Two of these are confirmed in Hart’s Army List 1889.    aug3/4

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