BHARATPUR, BHURTPORE: H H The Maharaja of Bhurtpoor in Durbar, circa 1862


A good original photograph, 19.5cm x 13.5cn with arched top, with letterpress description beneath, and original page from the Volume IV of People of India, a monumental work published by the India Museum in London in 1874 [although the photograph was taken in 1862]. The page is accompanied by an additional page with two sides of description, noting that the Maharaja, Jaswant Singh, was then about eleven years of age. An interesting and unusual photograph which clearly illustrates the meaning of Durbar as the Court of a ruler. The richly dressed and jewelled ruler sits on the Guddee or oriental throne comprising a cushion on a mat, his sword across his knees and his nobles and sirdars to either side. In Jackson & Jaffer: Maharaja [V & A Publishing, London, 2000 a copy of this image appears on p 85 attributed to Shepherd & Robinson.  SOLD 5th January 2019