BIKANER. Maharajkumar Bijay Singh in cavalry uniform


A good vintage portrait of Maharajkumar Bijay Singh of Bikaner, 7¾ x 5½ ins, pasted to a piece of card which is close trimmed. The Maharajkumar wears cavalry uniform of Indian style with a kurta and pagri, and he wears the rank badges of a lieutenant. His sword is of the British officer’s 1896 model with a honeysuckle pattern hilt but the photograph was taken when he was a toung teenager so his sword has a shorter blade than usual. . Bijay Singh [1909-1933] was the younger brother of Sadul Singh and was to inherit his grandfather’s estates. He wears the medal for the 1911 Delhi Durbar. We think this print, although old, was taken from the plate some years later.           mar11/7

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