CAMERON HIGHLANDERS. A Cabinet Portrait of Lt A De S McKerrell, 79th Cameron Highlanders


An attractive portrait of the officer wearing the Egypt medal and Khedive’s bronze Star. An old note to the verso gives some details of his career. In 1912 Augustus de Segur McKerrell, C.B. is listed as a Colonel in Hart’s and was Lt Col commanding the Camerons. He was first commissioned in 1877. He died in Dundee in 1916. The photograph, on a cabinet card of an unidentified photographer, has a crease across the top left corner and a small area of loss top right but the image is in fine condition and clearly shows medals, cross belt plate and plaid brooch. The note on the verso indicates that he was awarded the Delhi Durbar medal [presumably the 1911 one as he does not appear in the roll for 1903. The portrait measures 10.5 x 15.5cm

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