Captain Martin Moore, 12th Bengal Cavalry, cdv of 1869


A carte de visite by Craddock & ……India showing a bust length portrait of the cavalry officer, signed on the verso Martin J, Moore, Oct 69The name following  & has been carefullfy scratching out, possibly by the photographer’s studio following one of several name changes. James Craddock was active in the 1860s – 70s, firstly as Hart & Craddock.         jan10/4

Martin James Moore appears in the 1864 Indian Army List as a lieutenant in the General List serving with the 2nd Dragoons having become a lieutenant in April 1861. By 1867 he is Second Wing Subaltern, 19th Bengal Cavalry [formerly Fane’s Horse]. The following year he holds a similar position in the 9th Bengal Cavalry [formerly 1st Hodson’s Horse]. In 1869 he is Adjutant in the 12th Beangal Cavalry [formerly the 2nd Sikh Irregular Cavalry], commanded by Major H. H. Gough, V.C.  when this photograph was taken.

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