Combermere. A interesting provisions bill to Lady Combermere, 1826


A fascinating provisions bill addressed to Lady Combermere, London 2 Oct. 1826. Bought of North Simpson Graham & Co. Grocers & Tea Dealers, 36 New Bridge Street, Blackfriars. The lengthy bill on both sides of a large sheet of paper watermarked H. Coles 1825 measures 13 x 8 ins and lists items such as 4 cannisters Fine Souchong Tea, loaf sugar, Bermiuda arrowroot, Chile vinegar, Candles. The list is in good condition for its age and has the usual folds. The date is shortly after her husband, the former Sir Stapleton Cotton, had been promoted General and selected by the East India Company for high office in India, recommended by the Duke of Wellington for the post of Commander in Chief. Following his success at Bhurtpore he was made 1st Viscount Combermere in 1827. this Lady Combermer was his second wife. The final item on the list is a hamper and some of these goods may have been bought to be sent out to her husband.   This sort of domestic detail is seldom found outside a family archive.    sep24/2

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