Delhi 1911-12, Personal snapshots from the visit to Delhi and35 Calcutta


An old card album leaf from a 1911/12 album. One side shows four snapshots 6 x 3.5ins [14 x 8.5cm] taken during the royal visit to Calcutta in January 1912 after the Durbar. showing Tollygunge – one of the golf clubhouse, one of players on the 18th hole, Major Stratton with the cup for winning the Lightweight Hunter race with Park Hill, and a view of relaxing in the wooden grounds. The album leaf measures 14 x 10.5ins and the reverse shows 4 images of Delhi in December 1911 taken in old Delhi and around the Kutub, including one of well divers. These photos reflect the tourism aspect which surrounded people’s visits to India for the Durbar. We cannot be sure of identities in the photographs but a Major Stratton of the Army Veterinary Service is noted in the Army Headquarters Camp at the Durbar.   aug3/2

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