DURAND. Major General Sir Henry Marion Durand, Foreign Secretary of India


DURAND. A very good portrait by Bourne & Shepherd showing showing Major General Sir Henry Marion Durand, K.C.S.I., C.B. in a carte de visite with the bust length portrait in an oval reserve, probably printed around the time of his death. After an illustrious military career, he served as Foreign Secretary of India 1861-65, Military Member of the Supreme Council, and finally Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab. Born in 1812 he went to India to serve in the Bengal Engineers. On New Year’s Day 1871 he was killed in a bizarre accident when he was crushed in his howdah as the elephant passewd under an arch entering the city of Tonk. See Buckland: Dictionary of Indian Biography or the DNB Vol. VI for brief accounts of his career. jul1/2 .

Provenance: This cdv came in an album of his friends and colleagues kept by General Sir Peter Stark Lumsden, G.C.B., C.S.I. in an archive we acquired several years ago.

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