EAST INDIA REGISTERS and similar titles


Examples of the EAST INDIA REGISTER and related titles WANTED to buy. I wish to buy multiple examples of any years of this title for our own reference library and for other libraries which I am building for customers. This title became standardised in 1802/3 and was last produced in 1860. In 1862 the title changed to the INDIAN ARMY AND CIVIL SERVICE LIST. For the first 15 years or so the book usually contained a simple folding map at the front but I will buy copies with or without it. I also buy the books in any binding or when re-bound. The book was most often bound in scarlet full leather gilt. One of the illustrations shows the original printed paper covers in which it was issued.

The early years are quite often found bound at the end of works like the Royal Calendar and the books of heraldic arms or peers printed by companies like Debrett.                      From around 1770 earlier versions of this reference work were printed in London with titles like Bengal Kalendar or New East India Kalendar.

The illustrations show some of these variations and an example of the 1861 type. There are also Directories and Kalendars which were produced under the titles of the individual Presidencies of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay and also for St. Helena. The official EAST INDIA REGISTER was produced twice in a year, very occasionally three times and all are wanted because climate and conflict were such that personnel changed quite rapidly.