WANTED. Medals with Indian connections.


WANTED. We wish to buy medals connected with India from the early ones issued by the East India Company up Independence. These can be campaign medals for actions taking place in India and for those in which the Indian Army took part, such as Abyssinia, Afghanistan, and China. Also wanted are Orders such as those of the Star of India and the Indian Empire, together with ,medals issued in connection with the Royal Visits of 1875, 1905-6, 1911-12, and 1921-22, and the Durbars held in Delhi in 1877, 1903, and 1911. Medals issued by the various Indian States and their Rulers are also wanted. We also wish miniatures of any of these meals and of the Indian Orders of the Star of India, the Indian Empire and the Imperial Order of the Crown of India.

Campaign medals issued before 1911 are wanted even if they have had the naming erased or altered.