English moulded jug with orientalist decoration including elephants and camels.


The mid Victorian, 7 ins tall, heavy jug is moulded with scenes in oriental taste. The glaze is a buff colour with light brown treacle glaze applied to the upper edge, lip, and handle in a fashion used at some Yorkshire potteries. One side shows a fanciful carriage with elaborate umbrella style awning beneath which is seated a prince. It is being pulled by out of scale elephants. The other side displays a carriage in the form of a dragon and carries a troop of musicians. This carriage is pulled by camels. Although the decoration is, to say the least, imaginative the scenes could be regarded as Indian in inspiration as the elephants have small ears and the carriages are not totally dissimilar to some that were used by Indian rulers such as the Maharaja of Rewa at the 1877 Imperial Assemblage of 1877 in Delhi. There is an old chip just to one side of the lip but otherwise the jug is in very good condition. An amusing addition to any collection.  dec18/1

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