FARIDKOT. A late 20th century copy photograph of the ruling prince, probably c. 1930s


The 11¼ x 8½ ins group photograph shows the ruler of the 11 gun Jat Sikh state in the Punjab, probably H. H. Sir Harinder Singh, Raja of Faridkot who succeeded in 1934 and ruled until independence. The photograph is pasted to a photographer’s card with some vague identification in pencil on the verso. The British figures are probably the Resident and his wife and daughter. The figure to the left of the Raja is presumably the Tikka Sahib or heir. and seated next to him is a member of the ruling family of Patiala.  aug22/1

We do not usually sell copy photographs but as we have not seen an original of this one we offer it thinking it is at least a useful reference. We do have some surplus high quality copies of reference copies of exceptional photographs we have sols over the years and may at some point offer some of these for interior decoration or reference.

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