FARNHAM. Bookplate of Henry Maxwell, 7th Lord Farnham


FARNHAM. A handsome armorial bookplate, 109 x 78 mm,  with the French motto JE SUIS PRET [I am ready] and Lord Farnham, K.P.. below. Henry Maxwell [1799-1868] had been MP for Cavan from 1824 -38, the year in which he succeeded to the Irish peerage as 7th Lord Farnham. He had married Anne, daughter of the 22nd Baron le Despencer in 1828 and was made a Knight of St Patrick in 1845. He and his wife were both killed in a railway accident at Abergele on the North Western Railway They had no children and he was succeeded by his brother Somerset Richard Maxwell. The bookplate has clipped corners.  feb13/7

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