Grimston Yeomanry small volunteer button of the late George !II period.


The small , closed back, silver plated button is of officer’s quality, 13mm in diameter and domed in profile. The design is just the raised letters G Y beneath a Georgian crown. There is no backmark. It dates from the late George III period when cavalry officer’s coatees often used particularly small buttons. The Grimston Volunteer Cavalry was raised by Thomas Grimston in 1803 and disbanded in 1814. Our reference copy of the List of the Volunteer and Yeomanry Corps  1804  shows Thomas Grimston as the Commandant and gives the number of it effective rank and file as 81.  The List of the Officers of the Militia, the Gentlemen & Yeomanry Cavalry… 1807 still lists Grimston as the Captain Commandant but also lists another captain, Isaac Broadley, along with two lieutenants and two cornets.  apr10/1

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