Introductory letter to the Begam of Bhopal, signed by the Viceroy, Lord Lansdowne, 1889


An introductory letter written on the first side of bifolium of watermarked paper embossed at the head with the Viceroy’s royal coat of arms in gold. The letter is written in a fine copperplate secretarial hand and addressed to Her Highness Nawab Shah Jahan Begam, G.C.S.I., C.I., of Bhopal thanking Her Highness for her good New. Year wishes to the Viceroy and  is signed Lansdowne and dated Calcutta, The 10th January 1889. The Viceroy send his best wishes to the Begam, adding I hope I shall have an opportunity of making your personal acquaintance which indeed he did, establishing very good relations with the ruler during his Viceroyalty and keeping ion touch afterwards. A small Persian letter is tipped to the inner page, probably a translation. The usual small holes to the left margin indicate where the letter has been stab sewn into a folder. aug4/1

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