J E Ford: A high ranking officer wearing a Waterloo Medal, early 19th century

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The fine miniature painting shows the officer, possibly a general, bust length by a pillar. He holds his large feathered bicorn under his shoulder and the medal he wears is clearly that for Waterloo. He has chosen to wear this with the reverse showing rather than the obverse with the bust of the Prince Regent. Its visible measurement is 3¾  x 2¾ ins and it is presented in a fine quality gilt brass frame, 5 x 4¼ ins, of the type which would have probably been contained in a folding leather case. A piece of paper attached to the back of the miniature has an annoyingly incomplete inscription in a contemporary hand reading J. E. Ford  pinxt . and probably Cape Town and London.   Ford is recorded as working in Cape Town and London in the first three decades of the 19th century.     jul2/4

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