Major General Henry Campbell Johnstone, Bengal Staff Corps, a Mutiny veteran


A photographic portrait by Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker St. W. showing the general seated wearing dress uniform with medals holding his cocked hat . The actual image is 5¾ x 4 ins and the overall size of the photographer’s card is 9½ 7½ ins. The portrait itself is very good but there is foxing to the card mount. He is shown wearing his Order of a Military Companion of the Order of the Bath, indian Mutiny Medal, India General Service Medal 1853 with two clasps and a 2nd Afghan War Medal with one clasp. Johnstone came from a family with strong HEIC and later Indian connections. He was the oldest surviving son of James Johnstone M.D. a military surgeon taking rank from 1809 in the HEIC. His mother was born Jane Campbell, daughter of an admiral. Four of his sisters married HEIC officers and his younger brother James was a colonel on the Indian Staff Corps. We have a handwritten family tree, a copy of which can be sent to the purchaser.     jan25/1

Major General Henry Campbell Johnstone was commissioned ensign in the HEIC Army in 1840 joining the 5th Bengal Native Infantry. He rose to be Lieutenant 1846, captain 1855, major 1851, lt. colonel 1866, colonel 1871, major general 1878. Hart’s Army List 1888 shows he served in Bundlcunde 1842-43. Commanded the Murree Volunteers in September and October 1857, and aided in suppressing a rebellion among the surrounding Hill Tribes. (Medal). Served on the staff of Brigadier General Chamberlain as Surveyor with the expedition against the Cabool Kheyl Wuzeerees in Dec. 1859 and January 1860; and in the same capacity with the expedition against the Mahsood Wuzeerees in April and May 1860. Served throughout the Eusofzie campaign of 1863-63 including the advance to and destruction of Mulka and operations at Umbeyla. Also the Hazara campaign of 1868 and expedition to the Black Mountain (mentioned in despatches, Medal with two Clasps, and C.B.).  An example of the badge worn by the 5th Bengal NI at this time can be seen in our WANTED category.

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