PALANPUR. H.H. Sir Taley Mohammad Khan, Nawab of Palanpur. A fine portrait


Palanpur. H. H. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Taley Mohammad Khan, G.C.I.E., K.C.V.O., A.D.C. A fine three quarter length, 11 x 6½ins, portrait by H. L. Syed, Palanpur showing the ruler of the 13 gun salute state in the Rajputana Agency wearing dress uniform, circa 1940. The photographic portrait is mounted on the original photographer’s card, which has been trimmed and has a crack at the top left and a corner missing top right. However the use of a window mount would give the portrait, itself in perfect condition, a smarter look.

His Highness wears the medals for the 1903 Delhi Durbar, 1911 Delhi Durbar, Jubilee of George V and Queen Mary, and Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Beneath these is the badge of G.C.I.E. [Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire] and the K.C.V.O. [Knight of the Royal Victorian Order]. The KCVO is an honour given by the Sovereign for personal service rather than a government award: the Nawab received this in 1922. He was advanced to GCIE in 1932. The aiguillette he wears from the right soldier denotes an Aide de Camp to the King and was an honorary position probably granted around 1940. It would entitle him to carry a general officer’s mameluke style sword but he wears a more standard British sword. interestingly he wears an enamelled and jewelled Royal portrait miniature in his turban, a practice seen in the case of a few of the Indian Princes, notably HH Sir Ganga Singh, Maharaja of Bikaner. Palanpur maintained a regiment of State Forces – the Palanpur Iqbal Infantry. The ruling family was of Afghan origin and first entered into an alliance with the Honourable East India Company as long ago as 1817.       may20/1

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