Royal Household. Prince of Wales page boy’s long waistcoat of 198th century style


A very unusual long waistcoat of 18th century style, probably dating from the Edwardian era. This was probably worn by a page boy to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. The coat, approximately 26 ins in full length and around 32 ins around the central part would probably have been worn by a young teenage page at very formal functions  – possibly something like the Order of the Star of India ceremonial during the 1905-6 Royal Tour of India but we cannot be sure.  There is some age damage to parts of the satin facing but the back and inside are fine. The gold lace trimming is of the quality found on officer’s dress uniforms. The coat fastens with hook and eye so that the fine gilt buttons show no sign of wear. These are by JENNENS & Co LONDON and the mounted design of the Prince of Wales’s crest with of feathers has the ICH DIEN  motto on straight rather tan the more usual curved scroll – a feature of the period.   One photograph shows an archive image of the pages of the Viceroy Lord Irwin in the 1920s with his sons wearing similar but rather more elaborate waistcoats.       aug10/3