The Dorsetshire Regiment at Dalhousie, September 1905


The 11¼ x 8¼ ins group photograph is on a page from a dilapidated old album put together by Lieut S. P. A. Rolls, 1st Dorsetshire Regiment.It is titled Dalhousie May 12th ’05 to Oct, 17th 1905 Chamba ‘week’ Sept. 17th to Sept. 23rd ’05, The large group comprises 16 Indians, all but one in white suits with white turbans, and 29 British men. The only Indian identified is H.H. The Rajah of ChambaThe Dorsets’ officers identified are Haskett, Rolls, Ransome, Leared, Thurston, Greenhouse, & Harris together with  Bailey (S & T Corps), Mitchel, Capt Gale, Capt Devere (W Yorks), Capt Lang (W.Y.), Capt Howard (W.Y.), Younghusband (I.C.S.), Martin, & Maj. Lane.  The reverse has a display of 7 dance cards and one masonic card fanned around a postcard of the Dorsetshire Regt.   apr12/2

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