Two future Kings of the United Kingdom. A most unusual portrait c 1896


A cabinet card by W. & D. Downey, 57 & 81 Ebury St. London W. titled beneath the photograph T.R.H’s Prince Edward and Prince Albert of York. H.R.H. Prince Edward, later Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII, & Duke of Windsor, has curly hair and wears a dress, which was common for young boys. The Prince, known in the family as David, was born in June 1894 and is here seated next to his bab brother, Prince Albert who was born in December 1895, enabling us to establish this portrait as being takdn in 1896. Prince Albert, known as Bertie in the family, was to become Duke of York and, on the abdication of his brother, King George VI. At this time their parents were Duke & Duchess of York as their grandparents, King Edward VII  & Queen Alexandra were still reigning but they were later to be King George V & Queen Mary. A charming and rather scarce photograph.     jul26/1

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