15th Ludhiana Sikhs. A named British officer’s dress tunic circa 1910-14


The scarlet tunic with emerald green facings of the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs has the advantage of retaining the original owner’s name tag in the lining H. E. Growse . The lining of the tunic is in quite good condition and although there are some some holes and marks of insect damage to the tunic it is in quite decent condition for an item of uniform over a hundred year’s old. It retains its full quota of 8 large buttons to the front and 6 to the rear [ by HOBSON & SONS, LEXINGTON ST. LONDON ] and 2 small ones to the epaulettes. It also has the two collar badges, described in Indian Army Dress Regulations as a small silver quoit. The regiment adopted this title in 1903 and retained it until 1922.  feb10/1

Lieutenant Hugh Edward Growse was first commissioned on 27th September 1905 initially into the South Wales Borderers but appears in Hart’s Army List 1912 taking rank as Lieutenant in the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs 23 Dec. 1907, being a Double Company officer from 23June 1910. The London Gazette 29 Dec. 1914 notes his promotion to Captain from 25. Sept. These brief details enable us to the date the uniform to 1907-14.

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