1747. Two large folio contemporary copies of documents related to payment to payment to Regiments of Foot on the island of Minorca at Fort St. Philip


Two large folio pages, c. 18 x 11 ins, are written in a fine secretarial hand in palace script on three consecutively numbered pages, 44-46, of laid and watermarked paper. These are contemporary copies of 1747 giving, By His Majesty’s Command, in tabular form rates of pay and allowances by the day & year to the various ranks. The three regiments were each formed of 810 all ranks and commanded by Col. Offarrell, Ld. G. Anstruther, Col. Kennedy.  The final page gives The Charge of the Garrison at Minorca showing the payments to the Governor and his officials.  The paper is completely sound with just a little chipping at the edges. There is a central horizontal fold. oct1/3

These documents date to just a few years before the Seven Years’ War when Minorca and Fort ST. Philip were besieged.