A naval invitation from Captain Lord Clarence Paget, RN. circa 1839, West Indies


A fascinating piece of ephemera in the form of a small card invitation, approximately 4 x 3 ins with a central vertical crease. The card, headed Lord Clarence Paget, invites Mr Cavan to an evening event on his ship, H.M.S. Pearl, a 20 gun sloop flying the ensign of the Red and serving on the West Indies and North America station in anti slavery patrols. The footnote on the card is most unusual: In the event of Unfavourable Weather, a RED FLAG, exhibited between the hours of 2 and 3 o’clock at the Admiral’s Signal Staff, will denote that it is postpond to the following evening.          jan16/1

Vice Admiral Lord Clarence Paget [1812-1896] was a younger son of the 1st Marquess of Angelesey. He joined the Navy in 1827, taking part in the battle of Navarino that year on H.M.S. Asia. Pearl was his first command 1834-39. Eventually he rose to Vice Admiral and was Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Fldeet 1866-69.

James Cavan [1771-1859] was a merchant in the West Indies.

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