A pre-1846 Royal Navy officer’s sword and scabbard


The Royal Navy officer’s sword has the solid basket hilt with crown and fouled anchor device, short maned lion’s head pommel, and turn down plate to the back of the hilt. The fish skin grip with wire binding remains in good condition and more of the original gilt finish remains than is usually the case. The lower section of the leather of the scabbard is rather weak but still intact. The sword can be dated to before 1846 as that was the year in which the pipe-back blade was replaced by the more efficient Wilkinson blade. Although the 27½ ins blade is in decent condition the etching is very weak and we have not been able to establish a supplier’s mark although the royal arms are still faintly visible.   sep6/1

This. and related patterns are very well described in May & Annis: Swords for Sea Service HMSO 1970

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