Afghan Border photographs, circa 1907


A very interesting old album page with small photographs on both sides, 5½ x 3½ ins or a little smaller, the whole card being 14 x 10½ ins. The photographs were taken by or for a British officer [probably military but possibly political and possibly called Thomson]. One of the most interesting images is a portrait of Mahibulla Adan Khel Afridi which has biographical notes alongside. He had served in the Waziristan Militia in 1900 and became a Subadar in the Khyber Rifles in 1911. interestingly the author adds that this was taken in my room at Simla Club, Sept 1907. Other photos show: a group of heavily armed locals at an Afghan post at Peiwar Kotal in the Kurram Valley; a young lady; a tonga. On the reverse an odd photograph shows Usman Khunshragi -Raider & Outlaw taken at Landi Kotal and others show views on the Kabul River, and a Group of Turis in Kurram Valley. Well annotated photographs of the wild north west frontier of India border with Afghanistan are not common and are invaluable to anyone studying the area in pre WW1 days. may12/1

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